Founded in 1949 by Richard Rogers as Rogers Construction, the company served primarily as a building contractor until 1968. With the advent of underground cable placement in the late 1960s, Rogers Construction gained a new focus as the company began providing this service for local utility companies.

In 1976, Rick Rogers came to work for his father at Rogers Construction and was instrumental in the growth of the firm. Rogers Construction changed its name and incorporated as Sun Communications, Inc. in 1980. That same year, Sun Communications began underground cable placement for cable television companies, laying the majority of the original system for Indianapolis Cablevision. Since that time, Sun Communications has continued to lead the way in underground utility placement with the latest technological advances and a depth of experience seldom found in the industry today.

Teamwork Is Just One Of The Foundations For Our Success
At Sun Communications, we know that our employees really lay the groundwork for our success. We’ve been laying cable underground since the utility companies first began the practice and have a level of experience unsurpassed in the industry today. Because we instill in our company a real sense of family, Sun Communications enjoys one of the lowest employee turnover rates in the industry. Of our 40+ employees, over one-fourth have been with us more than 10 years. We think that says a lot for the type of company we are and the pride our employees take in a job well done. In fact, the expertise of our personnel, combined with the latest technological advances and the most modern equipment available, is the reason we can say with confidence that, when it comes to underground utility placement, we’re the best digs around.


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